PROGRAM • A 1m30sec free program set in advance, to a music of the skater’s choice

AREA • 3 lines of cones with different spacings: 20 x 50cm cones, 20x80cm, 14x120cm. It is compulsory to skate each line.

JUDGING CRITERIA • Based on TECHNIQUE (difficulty and variety of tricks/combos, body control, speed variations) and STYLE (smoothness and body expression, relevance of choreography to the music and the cone lines)

PENALTIES • The skater is penalized when: they fall (or lose balance), kick/move cones, don't respect the timing (too short/long)



GROUPS • Skaters are gathered in groups of 4, according to a crossed-chart following the world-ranking. The two best skaters go through to the next round and the bottom two are kicked out.

RUNS • In final, skaters go one by one for 3 runs of 30 sec + 1 last trick (2 attempts)

JUDGING CRITERIA • Mainly TECHNIQUE (difficulty and variety of tricks/combos, body control, speed and smoothness) and ADAPTABILITY/STRATEGY (how the skaters interact and choose their combos according to their rounds and opponents).


2010 PSWC影片 - by SkatePure1

ChunCheon World Leisure Games 2010

SPB Leader Battle St. Petersburg 2009

Battle Moscow 2008 - by Lenick

Paris Slalom World Cup 2008 "Paye ton Battle" - by Rollerboy