2001 • After almost a decade of ballet dancing and a few years of ramp skating, witnessed a freestyle demo and got the bug for it right away.

2002 • First French Championship, in Bordeaux, France. Won the junior classic, first sponsorship with a local sports shop, entered the French Team. Started touring with the French Team, doing demos. First international podiums in mixed categories.

2004 • Put skating on pause due to knee problems. Passed the French certification of Instruction Level 1. Resumed freestyling in the summer, won the World Title in Classic Freestyle (Amsterdam).

2006 • Intensive training sessions with Igor Cheremetieff, hit the top of the world rankings, 2nd World Title in Classic Freestyle (Modena).

2007 • Entered the international Seba Team, moved to Paris. Started touring around the world from one competition to another. Won 2 World Titles, in Speed Slalom and Classic Slalom, in 2008 (Singapore), and several European Titles. Visited lots of places, met lots of people, remained at the top of the rankings until retirement, at the end of the 2010 season.



2008 • Passed the WSSA Battle judging test, started judging national & international battle competitions. Started writing specialized articles for the Internet: event reviews and freestyle interviews for WorldSlalomSeries &

2010 • Qualified under the Instructor Certification Program (ICP) and SkateFreestyle to become a certfified international Slalom Instructor.

2011 • Completed the WSSA Freestyle Judging certification (allowing to judge all freestyle events). Entered the WSSA Technical Committee in charge of discussing the rules & the official judging team for the World Championships, which I judged until 2014 (incl.).

2012 • Ran international judge trainings and freestyle judging classes.



2011 • Quit slaloming at the end of the 2010 season, after 10 years, switching to Roller Derby & Rollerdance. First games with the Paris RollerGirls, head coach of the league, first World Cup with the French Team in Toronto - broke a knee, retired from competition for a year. In parallel, founded the Parisian rollerdance crew SkateXpress with other skaters. Started a blog, Kozmic Diary, about skating, recovery and stuff.

2013 • Played with the PRG All-Stars & French Team, ran agility workshops around France. Moved to Berlin. Entered the Berlin Bombshells of Bear City Roller Derby & ran the agility classes of the league.

2014 • Broke an ankle. Division 2 Playoffs with the Bombshells, World Cup in Dallas with Team France.

2015 • Moved to Montreal for 6 months, briefly entered the New Skids on the Block before going back to university in Bordeaux.

2016 • Trained & played with the All Blocks of SAM Roller Derby. Moved to Montreal, played a couple of games with the Sexpos & the Smash Squad in the summer. Hung up the skates for more than a year to focus on work & immigration.



2011 • Creation Parisian rollerdance crew SkateXpress with other skaters.

2018 • Start of the Skateway to Heaven Montreal-based rollerdance project.