B-Sides & Rarities


Trick Ladder, Battle US (San Francisco, June 2010)

A modest best-of edited by me...

I thought it was fun to see all these top-skaters doing front criss-cross =)


Soundtrack: "Gone Daddy Gone" by the Violent Femmes

Shooting: An Seong Bae + Close Yr E's

Editing: Close Yr E's

Trampoline Wakeboarding (Moscow, Mar.10)

During my trip to Russia, for freestyle comps, I had a Trampoline Session with my friend Polina... a session which turned out to be slightly different than what first expected: there was a poor lonesome wakeboard getting bored next to the trampolines begging us to take it out. We couldn't resist and answered its prayers.

No skating here, just good times spent with a skater-friend...


Soundtrack: "Where's the Rock'n Roll Gone?" by Client.

Featuring: Chloé & Polina

Shooting: Chloé & Polina

Editing: Close Yr E's

Catch the 1100 XX (Jan.10)

On January 4, 2010, late in the cold afternoon, we decided to go catching the motorbike (1100 XX) of a friend of mine. It's already dark (I love winter *sigh*), but it goes like this:


Featuring: Elina, Marine and Chloé.

Soundtrack: "Devil Inside the Pulp" by the Flaming Pussy

Editing: Close Yr E's



On the KayZ of BDX (Oct.09)

A Skating Session on the Docks of Bordeaux (FRA), one hot and sunny Tuesday afternoon of late October '09.
No amazing supatechnical tricks here, just good ride!

Featuring: Marine, Chloe, Ghis, Adrien, Virginie.
Soundtrack: "Rollerskate" (by Angie Heaton) and "Jeannie's Got a Gun" (by Aerosmith)
Editing: Close Yr E's


Rando Du Mardi (Oct.09)

Following the crazee session of the afternoon (see Rollin' on the KayZ of BDX), we went on with the late-night skate of the evening.

...Whatta day!

The Rollin' Sistaz - Double Act (Aug.09)

On the 8th of August 2009, we were having a freestyle session at Marché St Honoré (Paris) together with my friend Nat, and we set a small jam for fun, which roughly goes like that:


Featuring: Thalie Loo + Close Yr E's

Shooting: Marine

Editing: Close Yr E's

Free Ride Sentinel III: 200% Slalom (Palais Royal)

Wednesday March 25th, '09... A freestyle session at Palais Royal (Paris) featuring: Xuan le, Boris Rozbroj, and Chloé Seyrès.

Shooting+Editing: by Sentinel.

Surprise Jam! (Jan.09)

These are shootings from the trainings at a French regional fun contest in January 09.

Most of the rules had been re-written for the occasion...

And the rules of the Freestyle Jam were as following:

1. You suscribe | 2.Your jam-partner is drawn | 3. You jam...


Shooting: Thalie Loo

Editing: Close Yr E's

Soundtrack: "Sour Cherry" by the Kills


SebaTEAM in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Dec.08)

An edit with chosen moments of freestyle slalom demos in Kuala Lumpur...

featuring: Seba, Greg Pinto, Igor Cheremetieff, Xuan Le, Chloe Seyres, Terence Cheung, Rudy Op't Veld.


An Afternoon at the Fac (Jun.06)

An edit in the memory of the '06 slalom sessions (March'06-June'06) on our secret spot in Bordeaux: My university --deserted because of a 4-month strike-- which we recycled into the best slalom spot ever :)

The video was shot with my webcam, sorry for the bad quality...


Soundtrack:"Beautiful" by Joydrop

Shooting+Editing: Close Yr E's